Gone But Not Forgotten

Lady T. …Gone but never forgotten.

Tanya Collier, known to most as Lady T has passed away last week and will be remembered forever.  Anyone who spent time in the Lower Haight and at Underground SF in particular has surely enjoyed the unique brand of contagious energy that is Lady T. So when our staff heard the news of her passing it was a sad day indeed.  First and foremost our hearts go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time.  We are dedicating our Monday night party VIENETTA to her as a memorial evening.  It was one of her favorite events.

She supported the bar with her loyal patronage and shared her charismatic energy with us ever since the bar’s name change almost a decade ago. Cip, our previous owner loved her so much and really made the club her home on the 400 block of Haight St.  We always counted on her to stroll in, boost our spirits, and liven up our crowd.  We loved her here at Underground SF not just for always energizing our crowd almost every night we were open, but also for using her voice for the good of the neighborhood.  She always had a smile and made time to be genuine. That genuine nature and commitment to community was what made her loved by so many.

As a new comer to the Lower Haight, Lady T’s ubiquitous presence in the neighborhood came to be a sense of comfort for me as the new owner on the block. She welcomed me with open arms into her neighborhood and quickly nick named me “lil brother.”  Her signature drink was a baby portion of white wine….only white, never red.  Her gentle nature and kind smile was always a breath of fresh air on any evening here at the bar…usually that air had the slightest whisper of her signature scent Jean Nate that we all came to know so well.   That classic whistle and house-music clap was her signature dance move and it went with every track. She was known to pull you out of your seat and get you to the dance floor in no time, even for the most stubborn of partiers.

Every staff member, party promoter, party go-er, or Lower Haight local that had the pleasure of her friendship was lucky and we will miss her dearly.  While saddened by the news of her death we here at Underground SF want to do what lady to would do and turn that frown upside down, order a white wine and get out on that dance floor.  Lady T’s philosophy was simple…music makes you dance….dancing makes you happy…so get to it and enjoy life while it lasts.    Come channel your inner Lady T with us and enjoy some complimentary white wine this Monday the 25th.  Doors open at 10pm ….We’ll see you on the dance floor