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"Synthetic" is a platform where artists can come together and compose performances that form a cohesive party experience. Catalyzing on the Third Friday of every other month.

Sure Thing SF Presents Organized Crime

SURE THING SF Presents: ORGANIZED CRIME We're taking over Underground SF for an all-night dance party extraordinaire, armed with the finest house & techno weaponry around. Leave your morals at home. Bring the family. FREE / 21+ / HOUSE, TECHNO, & ETC.

OUTPOST {Garage / Bass / Techno}


Make It Funky & Ewroc Productions present Anthony Mansfield

As a part of our bi-monthly series, we will be returning to UNDERGROUND SF on Friday, November 21st in the Lower Haight. This will be a different experience since partnering with our friends at Ewroc Productions to transform the space just for the evening. On the music front, we are excited to have Anthony Mansfield join us.

3AM Devices

Every 4th Friday, San Francisco record label 3AM Devices brings you a night of up front techno and house music in support of the label releases and artists.

Zodiac Disco

A Sunday once every few months that brings you 5 hours of disco heat from some of sf's finest. With drink specials that'd make Steve Rubell's head spin and music that'd make Larry Levan proud, it's a nice end to your Sunday Fun Day. All free with RSVP. With residents Aaron & Ilya and additional moral support provided by Damien...

Pulse Generator

The second Friday of each month at UndergroundSF is Pulse Generator, a deep techno-centered DJ event hosted by the super talented DJ Clairity, Cherushii, Nightbiscuit and Amanda Kershaw/pandasnaps. Pulse Generator is a free event!

We Are Monsters

We Are Monsters is a super fun event on the first Friday of each month. This DJ centered experience promises quality music and a crowd specially crafted by resident DJ's Jason Greer and Mozhgan and their special guests. A more darkened bar interior mixed with Lasers by visual wizard Errol Valentino round a unique and all around great night.

Push the Feeling

Every 1st Saturday at UndergroundSF Push The Feeling is brought to you by DJ’s Epicsauce and YR SKULL. This unique blend of indie dance and underground electronic warms you up nicely and then sends you home sweaty by the end of the night. Its always a packed house and a killer time.


Every Thursday in San Francisco. Always free. Deep beats from your friends and family. Bubble loves you.

Hella Tight

If you're still Missin' Mandy More like Candy and gettin' lost in Mariah Carey's Fantasy... Hell'a Tight! is the place to keep your dreams alive! Join Lindsay Slowhands and Friends Every SECOND SATURDAY for Some Bubblegum Fun, with all your Favorite Pop Jams from the 90's and 00's. She'll get you super high on Sweet Treats, keep you spinning with those Bouncy Beats and Excite you with Performances by San Francisco's finest Drag Queens.

Shelter SF

San Francisco’s longest running Drum and Bass night. Still here at 424 Haight St. the nights gets started at 10pm and is always local crowd of regulars!

Drink, dance, sweat. Repeat. 

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